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When developing packaging, balancing priorities can be difficult, and sourcing the best-fit supplier is never straightforward.

The choices brands make about their packaging have meaningful operational and financial implications. Beyond budget, they impact fulfillment time, parcel strategy and sustainability goals.

The Packaging Network works with brands to navigate these choices and tradeoffs, helping make informed decisions at every step.

Leverage our experience and relationships with thousands of manufacturing locations, hundreds of 3PLs and dozens of design agencies to make more informed decisions about your packaging. Join the Packaging Network and gain complete confidence in your choice of packaging and its manufacturer.

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Molded pulp bagasse insert tube
We have experience with more than 100 packaging types, with a focus on those used by ecommerce brands. Manufacturers within our network produce everything from corrugated boxes and folding cartons, to flexible mailers, laminated pouches, stickers and labels.

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